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MU1711 Sept 28

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Music 1710F/G
Cameron Johnston

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September 28 Readings/Class Notes History Form and Programme I Haydn Op. 33, no. 2 Finale What is the overall form of the finale? ABACA Rondo – Interspersed with contrast – A – musical theme – Other letters – contrasting theme – repetition, contrast, and variation – Creates expectation of the listener, therefore creating the form that guides the listener What is the form of this Rondo? - ABACA Coda – Coda – Haydn turns our expectations against us to create the humour of the work. A – theme B – contrast A – short version of A: repetition with variation C – contrast with some repetition (dramatic half cadence at end) A – even shorter version: repetition with variation Coda – ends with first part of A: contrast with variation and repetition Why is it funny? Locating the humour of form at the local level of form First A: Rounded binary - |: a :| b a :|| Second A: aba, no repeats A: a, first part only Coda: cadential motions, dramatic pauses – a + 1/2 a: technically a quarter- statement of A How is form generated at the level of the phrase? – A musical “period” is composed of two phrases – The first phrase ends in a half cadence (
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