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MU1710 Oct 10

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Western University
Music 1710F/G
Cameron Johnston

October 10 Readings/Class Notes – History Song What is the relationship between poetic forms and musical forms? How does Franz Schubert set Goethe's famous poem, Erlkönig (1815)? Art song – Lied – German word for song – Very popular art form Words, Music, and Form Strophic: same music for each unit of text (stanza) – each new unit of music has the same tune. Different words, same music. Through-composed: different music for each unit of text (stanza)“durchkomponiert” in German. Different words, different music. Through- composed – Schubert's Erlkönig. Tells a story. Poetic stanzas replicate their form with each stanza – end of lines 1-2 rhyme, as do lines 3-4 – rhyme with each other. What can through-composed form do that strophic form cannot? Erlkönig: Synopsis Stanza 1: Narrative. Repeating triplets represent riding through the woods swiftly. Stanza 2: Father – same singer – voice pitch is in a lower register, shorter phrases than the child. Boy projects his voice in a more timid manner in a higher register, phrases are longer. Stanza 3: Erlking comes in – tries to tempt the child by telling him to play by the sea – register is in a middle
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