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MU1710 Nov 23

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Music 1710F/G
Cameron Johnston

November 23 Readings/Class Notes – History Why is Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony a good test case for a variety of musicological approaches? - Incredibly popular all around the world John Adams, On the Transmigration of Souls (première) – Piece paired with Symphony No. 9 to commemorate the anniversary of 9/11 – Symphony No. 9 also used to celebrate the fall of the Berlin Wall Beethoven’s Ninth Peter Tregear, on the many performances of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony: “We may reside in a postmodern realm of cynical detachment from the grand aesthetic narratives of old, but when we want to dignify an occasion, the old ideas about the power of music, and Beethoven’s in particular, seem effortlessly to reassert themselves.” – Myth of Beethoven's music as being universal and all about freedom, peace, togetherness does not belong to our age – it belongs to Beethoven's time Beethoven’s Ninth. From the reading, the Viennese coax Beethoven into premiering his work in Vienna: “[…] for although Beethoven’s name and creations belong to all contemporaneous humanity and every country which opens a susceptible bosom to art, it is Austria which is best entitled to claim him as her own.” - Tension b/w Beethoven's music belonging to all humanity – if you are suceptible to love music, you can love Beethoven. However, they believed Austria was the place to have the music. How is the Symphony Put Together? Beethoven’s Ninth Four movements: 1. Fast movement in sonata form (D minor), 2. Very fast scherzo (3/4, D minor) and trio (₵, D major), 3. Slow m
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