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Performance Practice

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Kate Helsen

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1 Performance Practice 1: Social and Political Aspects Performance Practice 1: Social and Political Aspects Lecture notes What does Musical Performance mean? Active interpretation  Demonstration of abilities  Audience  Presence/ Absence of judgment  Occasion “Restored Behavior”  “The performer takes a score and either faithfully/unfaithfully reproduces what’s in it.”  You have the listener’s understanding of the meaning conveyed through the performance. What is its ritual, social, political meaning? Ritual: Used to celebrate, respect a certain convention.  Tribal music  Church music  (Doesn’t have to be sacred. ) Social: For social events, enjoyment.  “Happy Birthday” song  Protest music Political:  Reggae  Protest music Where is music played? Does its location affect its meaning? To what extent do you breathe what you study and be engaged in it for the sake of knowing more? What about musical cultures other than Western ones? 2 Performance Practice 1: Social and Political Aspects There are two main factors included in discussions about Music Performance: Musical Demand: e.g. Musicality Relationships: Musicologists have recently been taking a performance as a “process rather than a product.” We have a broader understanding of what an appropriate performance can be. Whenever musicologists go out and do field work, they learn how to play more than how to study, because they will have a different view of music after
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