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MU1711 - Jan 9

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Western University
Music 1711F/G
Kate Helsen

Jan 9 Epitaph of Seikilos What is the oldest instrument? Bone flute When do we begin to know anything about music history? – The Old Testament – 3000+ years of information – Cave paintings How do we know what we know? – Fragments of notated music – Written accounts – playing music at weddings, funerals, worship, banquets, public gatherings What sorts of roles did music play in ancient societies? – Religious, political, educational, sensual Music in the Biblical World – The Old Testament (Bible) mentions: – Celebratory music, ceremonial music – Religious music (for praise or worship) – Music “therapy” - David – Psalms and hymns were sung antiphonally, responsorally, always monophonically Music in Ancient Greece – Turn of the 8 century – philosophical thought began, including in music eg. Democracy, individual rights – Height of Greek culture: 5 century B.C.E. - apex of ancient Greek cultural thought: philosophy – 45 existing fragments of music from ancient Greece – Music used in drama, ceremony and poetry recitation – Monophonic – “melos” = song (melody/rhythm/words) Greek Music Theory – 3 types (genera) of tetrachords (4 descending notes) 1. Diatonic: whole-tone, whole-tone,
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