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MU1711 Jan 21

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Music 1711F/G
Kate Helsen

Jan 21 Secular Monophony Secular Song/Sacred Chant – Words and music not separate: song is the whole. Poetry often said to be sung. – Mostly monophonic – Not usually written down – Tradition of performance more important than a single authority – Songs may have also have been accompanied. Not a lot of evidence – we never see accompaniment – just the melody line, but there could have been accompaniment, drones. Kinds of Secular Song 1. Latin Song – (not religious) – Written by educated men – Usually from monasteries – Sources are often associated with universities or abbeys – Topics: love (erotic and sacred), gambling, drinking. Carmina Burana (Songs of Benediktbeurern) – 13 century manuscript from a Benedictine abbey in Bavaria – Contains 200 poems/songs about love, drinking, gambling – Written by monks/educated layment fluent on Latin – Carl Orff's 1937 setting by the same name sets 25 of these poems. Singers of Latin Song – The Order of the Goliards – Named after Goliath (Bible), known for excessive drinking and carelessness – Made up of wandering minstrels, partially educated in monasteries (eg. Drop-out monks) – Jongleurs - less educated than the Goliards. Known for entertainment (singing, acrobatics, and juggling – for which they are named). 2. Vernacular Song: the language spoken in the court that is not Latin - France, Iberian Peninsula, and Germany - Court entertainment. Topics: courtly love, adventure, drinking etc. France – Trouvères: 'singer-songwriters' in N France in 12 and 13 centuries - Medieval French - Approx. 2100 songs are preserved (music and text) th th – Troubadours: 'singer-songwriters' in S France in the 12 and 13 centuries - Occitan language (or Provençal) - Approx 200 songs are preserved (music and text) - Many more poems are preserved (2500) – Both these words come from the word “trouver” - to find, to invent – Songs were probably accompanied by instrument – Topics covered: love, laments, pastoral descriptions (knight, sheph
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