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MU1711 Feb 6

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Music 1711F/G
Kate Helsen

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th Feb 6 – Music of the 14 Century: Instrumental Music What is 'Instrumental?' – Difficult to say whether purely 'instrumental' music existed on its own for most of the Middle Ages. – Instruments usually: doubled vocal lines, played with singers, accompanied or substituted for particular vocal lines in motets, etc. – Also used for processions/battle calls/dances. Questionable Nature – The mysterious power of purely instrumental music (first seen with Greeks /Romans) not totally welcomed in the church. – Music in Medieval era always had a purpose – ornamentation of an event, worship. Music allowed people to remember the words. – Music which does not “produce” anything is questionable in its moral qualities. – However, a lot of church iconography (carvings, pictures etc.) show instrumentalists accompanying singers in church (vielles, rebecs, lutes, bells, trumpets, etc.) First Instrumental Notation th – First: late 13 century untexted hocket passages in The Bamberg Codex. – Second: around 1320, several folios of intabulation for motetes in the Roman de Fauvel are found in the Robertsbridge Cosex – Intabulation: keyboard/stringed instrument reduction of a vocal work. th – Third: early 15 century Faenza Codex contains 96 folios of intabulation of dances, Mass movements, chansons and madrigrals. Dance Music: Puncta – Puntca: short sections of a piece that are repeated immediately one after the other. eg. Macarena - They can be ornamented th
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