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Music 1711F/G
Kate Helsen

Difference between Medieval and Renaissance periods – Focus shifted to individual's artistry – Reformation – Humanism BooksAbout – Renaissance musical texture Outline Though the Church in the Early? Renaissance still had much control over musical life like the Medieval place, it was a place where musical development and creativity was encouraged. 1. Contrast with Medieval era – Renaissance church had less control than the Medieval era – focus now on the artists' creative development, not just God. Cause – counter-reformation 3 forms of music liturgical services many elaborate choir books – Combined religion with musical education education – schools had children perform and help seniors in the choir councils provided a place for different musical traditions great schism – pope and antipope organized groups of singers Dufay* Church in N Italy – French and Flemish composers and native singers developed compositional skills Cathedrals of Modena, Parma, Trento, Fano, Chioggia, Arezzo, Rieti, others – in the middle of the century, the first native composers were from these cathedral schools. Priests trained in church schools, had careers in N Italy. Religious orders trained composers *Lauda – Italian composition – flourished within religious institutions “to an exent, these developments took place within the chur
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