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MU1711 Feb 27

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Western University
Music 1711F/G
Kate Helsen

Feb 27 – Genres of Renaissance Music. 1420-1520: Sacred Vocal Music Sacred Vocal Music: 1420-1520 – Major musical development: *Cantus Firmus technique – Two types of sacred vocal music: the mass and the motet. Cantus firmus used in both of these types of pieces The Mass – Cyclic mass: a setting of all five components of the Ordinary of the Mass by one composer which are unified musically. – First composers of cyclic masses: Leonel Power (d. 1445) - John Dunstable (1390-1453) – Writing a mass cycle: now more about the musical connections than what the piece looks like in a mass in a church. More of a musical form than as part of a mass. Cantus firmus – composer unifies the mass movements musically. A melody line used in at least one voice part, repeated several times throughout a work. This links the different parts together – like a repeating motif. The Mass Guilliame Du Fay: first composer to use a Cantus Firmus in tow new ways: – Take a secular song's melody – Put the Cantus Firmus in the tenor, but put a lower voice underneath the tenor line – Result: Missa Se la Face ay Pale. Canon – 'rule' or 'law' – 'Canon' at beginning of a Mass is an instruction from composer about how Cantus Firmus is to be sung – Typically rhythmic instructions. eg. “Sing the Cantus Firmus through twice, the second time doubling the length of each note.” Head Motif – Repeated melodic lines in the upper voices (along w/ Cantus Firmus in lower voices) – Serves as unification: pieces that echo and unify – Ideas stated at beginning, then developed throughout the piece – Called head motifs. The Canonic Mass – Build round voice parts on the technique of a canon (or “round”). Often done with the Cantus Firmus eg. Missa Prolationum (CD 2:12) – Four voices, only two notated – Other two are supposed to be canons with the notated voices – Voices go at different prolations – Canons at various intervals A Famous Cantus Firmus Melody – Over 40 pieces o
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