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MU1711 Mar 1

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Music 1711F/G
Kate Helsen

Mar 1 – The Genres of Renaissance Music 1420-1520: Secular Vocal Music Sources for 15 /16 century secular song – Non-church music – talking about a genre with fairly few musically notated sources – famous ones: pg 139 – 20 books in the world for this repertoire. Despite this, secular song was very popular. Performed through memory, improvisation etc. Because there was no way to record it. Lots of evidence due to art – similar to the way popular music is performed today. The Chanson (France) – Continuation of the 'forme fixes.' – Rondeau. Du Fay's Adieu ces bons vins de Lannoys. Top voice has text, top voice and bottom 'voice' (i.e. Bottom notes) are paired. Inner voices are “filler” - almost like an 'accompaniment' – development towards full accompaniment later on. – Lyre/lute/harp instrument, flute, stringed instrument The Chanson Cordiforme – Famous collection of Chansons compiled in Savoy (NW of Italy, SE of France) – Contains works by: Busnois, Du Fay, Dunstable, Hayne, Ockeghem. – Fine art and music: not just a score - it is also a work of art. The Schedel Liederbuch – Songbook for personal use owned by Hartmann Schedel in the 1460s – Schedel (last name of the author) is the author of the Nuremberg Chronicles – his book collection is now at the Bavarian State Library in Munich Popular Chanson Tune: Innsbruck, ick muss dich lassen – Heinrich Isaac set this tune twice in diff chansons (ca. 1490) – Cantus firmus in Isaac's mass, Missa carminum – Also used as a Lutheran Chorale Hymn. Bach used it twice – in a c
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