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MU1711 Mar 6

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Music 1711F/G
Kate Helsen

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th th Mar 6 – Music of the 16 Century – Secular Vocal Music of the 16 Century Paris: Parisian Chanson. Italy (Venice): Madrigal and Villanella. Germany: Lied (Tenorlied). Spain: Villancico. England: Madrigal and Lute Song - In French. Text – driven - Close to the Italian frottola (homorhythm and vertical sonorities - Musical form = textual form (cadences, cesuras) - Main composers - Claudin de Sermisy - Clement Janequin - Pierre Attaingnant, (Parison music publisher) championed Paridian Chanson (good business) - Janequin = rock star of Parisian chanson - He wrote many onomatopoeic songs - La guerre - Le chant des oiseaux - Les cris de paris - Two of the four people singing on this recording call western their alma mater by the way - Live recording on the BBD in 2009 - THE ITALLIAN MADRIGAL - Madrigal is taken from the 14 century form, but is otherwise unrelated - Grows out of the frottola but is different” - Madrigals are contrapuntal (frottolas are chordal) - Madrigals are through-composed (frottolas are strophic) - Word-painting - Word painting paying attention to the meaning of the words - Petrarch (1304-1364) is popularized again by Pietro Bembo (1470-1547) - Bembo encourages other Italian poets to write in the vernacular (see box on page 155) - Source for madrigal texts - No fixed textural form free rhyming scheme - Typically 7 syllable lines are alternated with 11 syllable lines - A conceit at the end of the poem. Its an image the poem leaves you with - Very popular; sung everywhere as entertainment - 2000 publications of madrigal collections between 1530-1600 - Many of the best composers were writing them - Texts themes could get r
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