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MU1711 Mar 13

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Music 1711F/G
Kate Helsen

th Mar 13 – Music of the 16 Century: Mannerism Mannerism – Term from Art History. Use of exaggeration and distortion for emotional/dramatic effect. eg. Extending a neck in a picture of the madonna. – In music: dissonance, chromaticism, unusual chord progressions, rhythmic and tempo changes, word-painting. Similar to ars subtilior in the Medieval era. Pushing the aesthetics at the end of the era – seeing how far one can go with a certain style. The style of an era going further and further, transitioning into a new musical era. Mannerism in Music – Chromatic, harmonically unusual, even to our ears. – Composers write out the accidentals and don't leave it up to singers (musica ficta) – Composers now using chromaticism and dissonance for an emotional effect on the listener. Orlande de Lassus: Prophetiae sibyllarun (1550-1552) – Idea: Ancient Greek prophetesses (sibyls) foretold the birth of Christ – de Lassus uses chromatics in the tenor to depict the sibyls song. Revival of Greek 'genera' – Idea: ancient Greek music was said to have had a strong emotional impact on the Greeks. – Nicola Vicentino – book about ancient music in the 'modern practice' in 1555. Key is chromatics. – Greek genera are the three versions of the tetrachord which are diatonic, chromatic, and enharmonic – interval of the fourth divided into three different ways. – Vicentino creates two keyboard instruments capable of playing in these g
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