Music 1710F/G Lecture Notes - Scherzo, Canadian Art, Music Of Canada

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5 Feb 2013

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November 19 Readings/Class Notes – History
What is a “modernist” sensibility (or aesthetics) in music?
Timeline: 1900-1960s
Like Romanticism and other artistic trends, it is the dominant trend.
Many of these trends exist in some other form throughout history
Early Twentieth Century (1900-1945)
Music in the 20th century “... formalism, or structuralism, was established as the
predominant aesthetic of the twentieth century, though it, too, had its detractors”
Stravinsky on Music, 1936:
“music is, by its very nature, essentially powerless to express anything at all,
whether a feeling an attitude of mind, a psychological mood, a phenomenon of
nature, etc.,”
Music early in his life eg. Firebird, Rite of Spring: chromaticism, full rhythms
However, he is referring to music in the 1920s: considered, modern music.
Stravinsky, Octet for Wind Instruments (1923) – marked a turning point in his
musical style
Modernity in Music
Romanticism: Content = form, style etc.
Modernism: Content = form, style etc.
music is preoccupied with elements of style all on its own
Reaction against Romanticism
Romanticism: content dictates form, style etc. Eg. Queen Mab - rondo-like
character, like a scherzo, yet it is meant to express a particular image.
Modernism: form = style and content. Nothing outside music is meant to be
expressed. How does the work itself work together? What is interesting is the way
it comes together “Not the work of art itself, but the way it says it.”
How does Harry Somers’s North Country seem to exemplify a
particularly mid-century Canadian interpretation of modernism?
Canadian art: focussed on landscape
Modernist aesthetic: objects of the art are the interest. Also expresses an
image of the North\
What might be preventing this (and other) works from being more widely known?
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