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Music 1711F/G Lecture Notes - Josquin Des Prez, Renaissance Music

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Music 1711F/G
Kate Helsen

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Feb 25
Josquin Des Prez (ca. 1450-1521)
Ave Maria (“Mona Lisa of Renaissance music”
5 sections (after the five important feasts for the Virgin Mary) plus
Salutation and Petition
Josquin's Biography p. 116-17 in textbook
Broken down into textually driven sections. Five sections all have to do with
the Virgin Mary. Music different for each section.
Pervading imitation vs. Point of imitation
Pervading: the definition that the voices imitate each other
Point: the actual thematic idea – the spot at which the idea gets imitated at
Medieval – horizontal layers
Renaissance – vertical chords and structures
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