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Music 1170A/B Lecture Notes - Ethnomusicology, Emic And Etic, Ethnocentrism

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Music 1170A/B
Peter G Schultz

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Main goals
-present music of other cultures
-get a set of concepts to look at music of any culture
“the study of music in culture [and] AS culture”
-what is culture?
oA set of materials, behaviours, technologies, beliefs, values and aesthetic
oIt is learned, passed on through generations
oNot innate;
oWe need it to function competently in society
-What is society?
oGroup of humans who have shared customs, interests, system of
oSociety is the people, culture are the beliefs, rituals, values (you can create
What is music?
-possible definition #1
othe art of putting sounds together in beautiful or pleasing arrangements
obeautiful or pleasing arrangements of sounds, especially as produced by
the voice or instruments
who can decide what is beautiful/pleasing?
Not always the goal to be beautiful/pleasing (i.e. punk music)
-Possible definition #2

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oMusic is humanly organized sound
Music can be made by nature/birds
A lot less biased, much more broad, but humans must be involved
-Possible definition #3
oMusic is made up of socially acceptable patterns of sound
What is socially acceptable to a certain group of people might not
be to another group
-Possible definition #4
oMusic is a category of humanly organized sound AND it is the creative
process of organizing sound in some way different than speech (bonnie
Not all are perfect, all definitions are problematic
-Music: not a universal label
-Saugeeta implies not only music but dance as well
-a groups total involvement in music (Titon)
o performance, listening, attendance, dress/attire, dance, behaviour
-accepted music definition (#4)
omusic is a category of humanly organized sound AND not just sound but
also the creative process of organizing that sound
o*need to know what music culture is*
-study of music in culture and as culture
-what do ethnomusicologist do?
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