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Music Lecture #2 Musical elements, instruments

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Music 1170A/B
Peter G Schultz

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September 20, 2010
Lecture 2 – musical elements, instruments and listening
-“the characteristic sounds of a place, both human and non-human” – Titon
Music Transmission
-aural transmission
ohearing, listening
opassing along music through someone listening
omost widespread form of music transmission
-oral transmission
othrough the mouth
overbal instructions, brief spoken or sung demonstration, suggestions made
verbally to you
ocommon way of transmisson
-written transmission
owritten music notation to pass along information about a piece of music
onot found in every music culture
odoes not necessarily tell you everything about a piece of music (might
leave out info about rhythm)
-visual transmission
ousing your eyes to learn something about a particular piece of music
o i.e. drummers would go to live performers and watch in order to learn
the toolkit – musical terms
classification of instruments:
-idiophones instrument itself vibrates to make sound
oAfrican idiophones includes: bells, rattle, slit-log drum, mbira
-membranophones a membrane vibrates to make sound
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