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Music Lecture #3 musical elements continued and the music cuture model

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Music 1170A/B
Peter G Schultz

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Lecture 3 – Music elements cont’d & Music Culture Model
Imagining time – rhythm
-Supafunkadholic (music in class)
-Beat or pulse – division of a span of musical time into equal sections (each clap
marks off another beat/pulse of equal length)
-how quickly or slowly the piece is performed
-can change in a piece
oregular pattern of stressed and unstressed beat
-music organized in music in 2 or more beats (metre) is what is used for these
types of units of beats
-the first beat is typically stressed the strongest (not always true but usually)
-duple, triple
-nonmetrical rhythm (free rhythm)
oif the sense of time is unpredictable
osometimes performed by a soloist
omost extreme example – Japanese court music – Netori, Banshiki
odifferent rhythms going on at one time
oa sense of 2 against 3
-part a line of music performed by one or more singers and/or instrumentalists
-texture talks about the relationship b/w musical parts
osimplest type of texture
oincludes a single melody without any accompaniment (1 person singing
happy birthday to you)
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