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Music Lecture #8 Indonesian Music

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Western University
Music 1170A/B
Peter G Schultz

Indonesia IIndonesiamany yet onelittle over 60 years old 1700 islands filled with people of different ethnic backgroundsvery multicultural 200 languages spoken decided to create a state language Indonesian that kids learn in schoollanguage of businessdiversity vs similaritiesgamelannot just part of Indonesia you can find them throughout southeast asiapuppetry is and art shared throughout Indonesiaogamelan ensemble may be used during puppetry today focus on central javasCentral Javamultiple ethnic group but the majority is the Javanese profess to be Muslim but they practice islam is different in Indonesia than in other partsanimismbelief that nonhuman things have spirits or soulsgamelan performance can be outside a mosque performing for 2 weeks to honor the birth of Muhammadthis is how java muslims would view religion differently than other placesJavanese Gamelanan ensemble of instruments dominated by idiophones consisting of tuned knobbed gongs and metal pee instruments tuning of instrument no sense of standard tuning May be tuned different in different gamelans all tuned to work togetherHow big is the Gamelanvary in sizeanywhere from 36 people or grow to be 1020 people
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