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Music Lecture #10 Traditional Percussion Orchestra in Guinesa

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Music 1170A/B
Peter G Schultz

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= Traditional Percussion Orchestra – Guinesa
-republic of Guinea: country on west coast of Africa
-10 million people
-various ethnic groups (Malinke, Soussou, Peul, Baga, Kissi, Toma, Guerze,
Landouma and more speaking diff. languages
-part of old geographic Mandingue empire which had a rich tradition of percussion
based music and dance
-heart of empire was at the location of the brder b/w Guinea and Mali today
-one of the 2 countries in the heart of where the Djembe instrument originated
-the further you go away from this point, the less music tradition got
Music through time
-over 300 distinct rhythms elaborated since at least 13th C (king Soundiata Keita)
and Mali Empire
-rhythm defines a piece of music involving different instruments
-instruments initially played by specific caste:
oDjembe – blacksmith
oBalafon, Kora, and Ngoni – Griots
oBolon – hunters
-Later on, music played by all ethnic groups – each etnic groups having its
dedicated heritage, nstruments and rhythms
-Highly tunable instruments (in orchestra)
-1 conductor
the Djembe
-800 year old instrument tunable instrument invest in west Africa by blacksmith
oin Guinea and Mali
-carved out of single piece of West African Wood
-most famous hand drum
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