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Lecture 2

Week 2 Nursing 1120

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Nursing 1060A/B

Week 2: Nursing 1120; Movements within the health care system - Patient/family centered care - Patient empowerment movement - Health promotion/ self care culture - Collaborative partnership care A strengths base care approach brings these four approaches together under one umbrella, to create a more humane healthcare system; opposed to a treatment and diagnoses system. This places the patient at the center of their own care, empowering the individual to create their own goal, and by doing so it creates a new meaning to their lives. This is the counter hegemony (status quo which is treatment focused). Deficit based care vs. Strengths based Deficit is: - the norm that we see in our health care system  We focus on what is wrong vs. What is right in a clients life  We tend to focus on what needs fixing, rather than what is working adn trying to build that capacity  The “liver transplant patient” rather than “ the patient who has had a liver transplant”  Doctors look for diseases, nurses look for problems in individuals families a nd communities Strengths based focuses:  on what the person does best, and the client as a whole  What resources a patient has available to them, that can help them deal with their health challenges  Health shifted from home to hospitals  Hospitals did not want family members present  A new role was created, families became a visitor  Nursing has embraced a lot of medical technology, and in turn nurses are sacrificing their focus on care  Currently resources are devoted to treatment and cure, it’s very hard to get funding towards activities that would promote health Strengths can: - be biological, physiological, and social - The external resources available to them - A separate class of qualities, they co-exist with weaknesses but are not opposite of weaknesses - Enhancing strengths help an individual discover a new way of managing their health - Talent knowledge skills and practice leads to strengths - “ what are you best at” : helps the clients realize their capacity (potential) o This is a strengths based approach - Look for strengths and help individual work with their strengths to create a plan of care What are the strategies ? - Use a holistic approach, instead of just looking at the clients health challenge look at the areas where the client is succeeding - Activley lis
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