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Lecture 31

Pathology 3500 Lecture 31: Burden of Cardiovascular Disease IIPremium

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Pathology 3500
Jessica Shepherd

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Systolic (120
Pressure during heart contraction
Diastolic (80)
Pressure during relaxation of the heart (heart filling)
Longer duration
Considered “more important” since it is longer
Mean Arterial Pressure (MAP)
Pressure change throughout the cycle
Perfusion pressure
Different than pulse pressure (which is the difference between systolic and diastolic
Peripheral Resistance
Depends on the diameter and length of the vessels
Hypertension: Population Considerations
Continuous variable, bell-curve distribution
BP is multifactorial
Deteried by a combination of genetic and environmental influences
Arbitrary pressure of 140/90 is considered hypertensive
Hypertension is a significant risk factor for cardiovascular diseases
Hypertension is a silent killer
Asymptomatic for year
May have slight headache
Symptomatic disease occur only after damage to organs and vessels is done
Treatment required indefinitely not “cured”
Only secondary hypertension can be treated (10% of cases)
Patients do not feel between with treatment
Poor awareness
Inadequate treatment
Inadequate control
Major factors that determine blood pressure
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