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Lecture 40

Pathology 3500 Lecture Notes - Lecture 40: Metabolic Bone Disease, Osteomalacia, OsteopeniaPremium

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Pathology 3500
Jessica Shepherd

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Rickets and Osteomalacia
Rickets: children, osteomalacia: adults
Decrease or failure of minzation of bone
Show up as decrease bone density on an x-ray thi is osteopenia)
Main cause is Inadequate vitamin D
Dietary insufficiency
Liver disease and kidney disease
Metabolic process in the liver and kidney are needed to produce vitamin
No vitamine D -> no calcium -> can’t mineralize bone
Lead to weak bone that are prone to fractures
Repetitive fractures and healing over time lead to deformity (bowing of the long
bones) and weakness
Some other conditions
Microfractures and gravity
Adequate diet (vitamin D supplement)
Microscopic view
Non-mineralized bone
Has a slight lighter area on top of mineralized bone
“Seam” of non-mineralized bone
Bone is being laid down but there is a lag in mineralization
Should not be seen
Paget’s Disease of the bbone
Osteoblast and osteoclast are not in balance
Metabolic bone disease
Initial excessive osteoclastic activity
Bone lysis
initial excessive osteoclastic activity
balanced osteoclast/osteoblast differ diffuse oster
Slow down ostoclas from pi
Lots of high fractures in older patients
Low forae imoant a
Higher risk of mortalityes rate post fractire
Ex- e
Dont have a good treaming program
Deadted late
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