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Scientific Reasoning: -Demarcation problem, verificationism, falsificationism -Mill’s Method 1) Method of agreement * 2) Method of difference * 3) Joint method of agreement/difference * 4) Concomitant variations -> proportional/reverse proportional 5) Method of residue Main connectives And “&” Or “v” If… then “” Not/Negation “~” Bi-conditional “” -Know how to translate English to PL and vice versa. -Test for consistency (main connectives are true) and validity Deductive Validity: When it is impossible for the premises to be true while the conclusion is false. If conclusion is true argument is deductively valid. -Problems of Induction: Humes -Goodman: language is part of the problem “gravity is weather” -Moral reasoning: -Deontology: rightness or wrongness of act is based entirely on rules. -Consequenctialism: an
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