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Lecture 11

Lecture 11

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Philosophy 1200
Eric Desjardins

Welcome to lecture #11! I More argument reconstruction and diagrams I Applied assignment grades have been released on Sakai. I Who is Frank Nelli? Please come talk to me after class. Example I Standard form: I IC1 The Tigers are likely to lose. I P1 The Tigers’ goalie is injured. I P2 They are playing on the road. I P3 They have done poorly playing on the road all season. I P4 They are playing the top team in the league. I P5 If they lose the coach will almost certainly be fired. I P6 The coach has been accused of helping students cheat on their examinations. I P7 No coach involved in academic fraud can retain his job. I C The coach’s job is in jeopardy. Diagram Example I IC1 Humans did not build the pyramids. I P1 Humans of the Egyptian era did not have the technology to transport the massive stones from which the pyramids are built. I P2 The stones were transported considerable distances. I IC3 Aliens built the pyramids. I MP1 Either humans or aliens built the pyramids.
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