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Unit V Lecture III – March 29.docx

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Philosophy 2006
Sean Coughlin

Unit V Lecture III – March 29, 2012 Andreski—The Syphilitic Shock What Andreski thinks an account of the witch craze should explain: 1. Its duration. 2. Its geographical extension. 3. Its generality/classlessness. 4. Its bias against women. 5. Its contrariety to the direction of intellectual progress. 6. Its bias against midwives. 7. Its loose association with wars. 8. The prominent role of monks and Puritans. Criticisms of Other Theories  Bias Against Women o [Honegger] – Witch trials were motivated by the move to subjugate women. o Criticism  Too many men and boys were killed (10-15% of the victims); women can be subjugated without killing them).  Geographical Extent o [Thomas] – Influence of capitalism on rural life led to a clash between duty to help unfortunate and the desire to pursue self-interest. o Criticism  If witch-hunts were the byproduct of capitalism, it should have been most virulent where capitalism started; greatest hunts were in Germany and France, where villages were hardly influenced by capitalism.  Classlessness o [Favret] – Witch hunts instigated not by peasants but by judges whose motive was fear of counter-culture.
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