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Western University
Philosophy 2020
William Fisher

Basic Logic 2020Defective inductionThe premisses while relevant to the conclusion is too weak to support it1 Argument from IgnoranceTo argue that a proposition is true bc it hasnt been shown to be false2 Appeal to authorityTo accept an argument or to argue for it based on the opinion of an expert in some field3 CausalaPost Hoc Post hoc ergopropter hocsince an event preceded another in time it caused it Eg The rollercoaster broke as soon as I got off it I wonder what I did to break itit is merely a cause and effectsincecauses it might not be the case of causeb Continuing cause and effectmistaking event B to have caused A when in fact A has caused Beg Lung cancer is caused by smokevs Smoke is caused by the lung cancer lung cancer causes people to smokeeg Someone died in the hospital I dont want to go to hospital because I will die therecCommon causeA causes B or B causes A where in fact C causes both A and BTheres very likely a third cause of these situation4 Slippery slopeIf you allow A to happen which probably will cause B which will cause C C will probably cause D D will probably cause E so A will cause EIf A it will probably lead to BIf B then probably C
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