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Philosophy 2080
James Hildebrand

1. Under the Sale of Goods Act: a) payment of the price of goods purchased is defined as a warranty; b) payment of the price of goods purchased is defined as a condition; c) payment of the price of goods purchased goes to the root of the contract. 2. Generally, if there is no specific provision in the contract to the contrary, where there is a breach of warranty, the following remedy is available to the innocent party to the contract: a) damages; b) rescission of the contract; c) both of the above; d) either of a) or b). 3. The Latin phrase Restitutio ad integrum means: a) the thing speaks for itself; b) to restore or return a party to an original position; c) the contract is to be interpreted to the detriment of its author. 4. The phrase the "principles of natural justice" means: a) the decision of an arbitrator must be fair; b) a person has the right to know the case against him or her, and the right to a fair hearing; c) a person has a right to a trial before a judge and jury of his or her peers. 5. When a place of employment is a "closed shop", this means: a) the place is no longer in business; b) employment is not available to union members; c) by collective agreement an employer can only hire a person who is already a member of the union representing that bargaining unit. 6. The Sale of Goods Act applies to transactions dealing with: a) land; b) wages or labour required to produce or manu
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