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Lecture 18

Philosophy 2080 Lecture 18: Monday March 13th, 2017

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Philosophy 2080
James Kow

Do not focus on the third book will not be on the final exam Book one consideration of philosophy and a discussion in very board terms justice going beyond ones own, being something more Socrates has not answered any questions 327a 328a (book 1) Socrates is with a young friend They are both ambitious and looking forward to careers in the future Socrates is impart interested in encouraging them to pursue philosophy They are gone from Athens, which is sanctioned higher to the coast This is symbolically like going down from what is abstract to what is concrete They went down because there is a religious festival being held They meet another young man and he insists that Socrates and his friend come back to his fathers house o Wont take no for an answer Philosophy is limited in how it can respond to concerns It doesnt just have its own way, most of its way it doesnt have its own way Philosophy is conducted in the context of political power 328b 331c At the house theyre having a nice get together o Greeks like to eat around 11 o clock at night and will go on until 2am o Father stands for the view that justice is what is ancestoral This is the age in which the age define justice and are respected You build up wisdom in old age o In our culture there has been a shift to focusing on youth Old age is seen as a discrepancy o Father doesnt have the same desirespassions that he has when he was young Temptations that get you into trouble What would happen if you borrowed a knife from someone
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