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Lecture 19

Philosophy 2080 Lecture 19: Monday March 20th, 2017

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Philosophy 2080
James Kow

Review from Last week Third definition of justice thrasymedus? = there are 3 definitions of justice Socrates says what happens to those with power? o They issue commands that actually harms themselves Trump is harming himself and his reputation by tweeting o He has an impulsive nature Someone is really mad at Socrates because he just asks questions, he doesnt provide answers to the questions o He says he doesnt have any answers that hes hiding They engage in a long discussion and he says that people are suckers and unjust people, you call them unjust but theyre the smart ones Guards are just and just people with be in a relationship with the guards Socrates repeating what he said in the apology book 1 o Particular excellence in being a human being and he thinks that excellence is justice He hasnt defined it, he hasnt asked the question What is it? Book 2 Justice is something thats good in itself e.g., joy Regarding justice, its good in itself and its good in its means o Its good in getting things done E.g., surgery No one would have surgery if they didnt have a good reason People dont have it because they like the idea of undergoing surgery Two challenges: o Invisibility: the first time you use it to get into a movie for free Then you read about how banks are ripping off consumers o Going to the bank and taking money wouldnt be a bad a idea My resources are running down and the banks have made a lot of profits this year
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