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Philosophy 2080
Connor Fraser

Estoppel Precisely in connection with what can happen at a trial Normally issues of estoppel comes up in contract lawEx someone in London England rents a great flat They rent on long term least signed before world war two World War two happens and the flat isnt as appealing because it is in an area frequently bombedDont leave stay on and you can pay less as long as the war last So they make an agreement that the terms of the original lease will be modified and at the regular date the renter pays mortified price War end flat owner goes to court to sue renter for the money that was cut during the warHe can do this because the modification was an informal written agreementThe court says the flat owner is ESTOPPED from prepaying the terms of the original lease because the owner made a VERBAL agreement The agreement was made that he would except less so the terms of the lease are held to not have any effectThe charter of rights effects how the old law should be treated The coming into existence of the charter ESTOPPS the government from relying on the old written lawThe Charter does not apply to private lawEx the charter of rights
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