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John Thorp

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- 500 words - 1000 words max
- Double Space
- we can talk to him during office hours
- Stevenson Hall (11:30-12:30), email him
- first line of the assignment is the answer to the question
"In this assignment, I argue that..."
- give reasons (good reasons) that support the conclusion
- use the best words possible
- don’t have a retarded beginning
- it’s now well you argue your conclusion
- don’t use big words
- make it easy to read
- edit
- you can use "I"
- don’t need quotes
- intro, body, conclusion
Philosophy Tutorial
30 September 2011
- the Earth is meant to develop our souls to go we go to Heaven
- if there was no evil, we wouldn’t need to have these tests
- evil is went to teach us what is right and what is wrong, but we don’t always learn
(Holocaust = Neo-Nazis)
- there should be no point because God knows that we are gonna do, but we have free-
Our World:
- laws of nature
- consequences
- God made a world is to develop moral virtues (to make us enlightened)
- taught to learn perfection
- imperfect (Adam and Eve were never perfect)
- struggle (without it, it is impossible to create virtues)
A world that maximizes pleasure:
- no laws of nature
- no progression
- no consequences
- people are born perfect