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Lecture 7

Philosophy 1020 Lecture 7: Sept 11th 2014 NOTES Intro to Phil.docx

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PHIL 1020
Dennis Klimchuk

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Intro to Phil
The cosmological arguments
Thurs Sept 11, 2014
Sr. Aquinas – The 5 ways to prove God exists
Efficient cause- the main cause
Final cause- the purpose, the end or the goal
-One thing causes another which causes another etc. Causes come in series
The five ways to prove God exists
1. From facts about change
2. From facts about causation
3. From facts about possibility and necessity
4. From the gradations to be found in things
5. From facts about the governance of the world
First reason
-Must pause the first cause
-The only way to explain the chain of cause and effect is to see that it stops
-This is what we identity as God
-God is the cause of everything
-Domino effect, god was what caused everything
Second reason
-What undergoes a change, must be changed by something else
-if something has potential to be something, it must be caused to be that by something
-Therefore it is impossible for something to change by itself
-This is God
Third reason
-In the world we either find things to exist or fail to exist
-It cant be the case that everything is like that
-Cant be the case that all things in the world arent nessasary
-If this was the case, there would be a time that there was nothing
-Which means there must’ve been a thing that was always there, this is God
Fourth reason
-Some things are truer, more noble than others
-Therefore there is something that is maximally good
-Therefore the maximally good thing is God
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