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Lecture 6

Philosophy 1020 Lecture 6: Sept 16th Intro to phil.docx

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PHIL 1020
Dennis Klimchuk

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Intro to Phil
Sept 16th 2014
Venice Marivani
Anslms ontological argument
-a concept in your mind should be in reality too
-Fool says in his heart theres no good
-Says there are 2 understandings, theres saying something and really understanding
-Efficient causation
-Everything has an efficient cause
-If everything has a cause, god has a cause
-if there is something that isn’t god, why not just call it the world?
-shows god could not exist
two kinds of sources of knowledge
a priori and posteriori
Literally “from what came before” and “from what came after”
-experience (conceptually speaking)
- - - -
The Argument from Design
Paley’s argument
The upshot: The only explanation of the world being as it is was designed
to be that way; so there is someone who designed it, God
The inference is not undermined by
1. the fact that one cannot make a watch
2. the fact that the watch is sometimes wrong
3. the fact that one might not understand what each part of the watch does
- the watch is the way it is because someone made it that way
-and would only be strengthened if it turned out the watch was made by another
-you open up the watch and see all the things that had to be done a specific way
and it makes you think, surly someone made this
-Atheism is absurd
-The fact that you could see this watch and think god does not exist
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