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Lecture 1

Philosophy 1020 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Turiya

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PHIL 1020
Steve Bland

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The Hindu Conception of Self
The true self
The true self cannot be known in perception or thought
The spiritual state of turiya
If our moral sense is innate, how is it that some individuals seem to lack it altogether?
If the moral sense is innate, then how is it that entire communities of human beings can act
immorally towards outsiders, eg: tribal warfare?
The moral sense evolved because it promoted mutually beneficial cooperation amongst
individuals who are in regular contact
Our moral feelings are directed towards those individuals who are perceived to be likely
Tolstoy- The problem of the Absurd
The meaningless/insignificance of life – my life in the grand scheme of things
Knowledge is the enemy of meaning
why should i, insignificant, pursue happiness
why should i have a family just because im biologically inclined to do so
why should i work hard?
why should i care?
why go though this pointless routine?
Tolstoy’s My Confession is an autobiographical account of how he came to grisps with the
problem of the absurd
four solutions
- to willfully remain ignorant
- knowledge is the enemy of meaning, than we should avoid knowledge
- BUT, you already have the knowledge
- it is impossible to stop knowing what you know
- if we’re not here for a long time, than lets be here for a good time
- a world without a higher purpose, without responsibility
- BUT, not open to everyone, because you need a lot of resources to live
like this
- most people do not have enough to loose themselves in pleasure
- you cannot escape the fact that you know that no matter how
pleasurable something is, it will not last forever
- example: buddhism and siddartha
- death is better than life
- it is necessary to free oneself from life
- if you realize that you cannot get what you need from the world, than it is
time to part ways with the world
- suffer through it anyways
- admit that lie is meaningless
- it would make sense to just give up and suffer through
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