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Philosophy 1022E Lecture Notes - Moral Evil, Lists Of Transformers Characters, Omnipotence

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PHIL 1022E
John Thorp

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The Moral Argument
1. There are absolute moral truths
2. The only possible grounding of absolute moral truths is their conformity to
the will of God
3. Therefore, God esists
An example of a moraltruth is that it is trwong to chear
To say that this is an absolute moralturth is to ay that cheating is just plain
Not wrong because it will make society less stable, or wrong because it will
give you…
How can anything be just plain wrong?
The only possible answer appears to be that is it is contarty to the will of God
Many frequently thought homosexuality was just plainb wrong
Can it be justified?
oSuch acts do not harm those involved
oDo not harm anyone else
oNo evidence that they weaken the social fabric
oNot immoral
Many believe it violates the will of god
Critique of Moral argument
Things that seem to be “just plain wrong” at one time and place many not be
so at another
May not be absolute at all
There are other ways to explain the putchase of various moral principles on
oNot killing
oNot stealing
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