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Philosophy 2200F/G Lecture Notes - Abuna, Protestant Reformation, 17Th-Century Philosophy

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PHIL 2200F/G
Charles Middleton

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EMP Week One Lecture One
Quizzes 30%, Papers 40%, Final 30%
Quizzes: access vroom, tuesday and thursday between 2 and 3 for office hours, more
like a forum encouraged to use it for all of us to chat.
chat with other students in the class and collect contact information to set up study
Quizzes: less weight put on the quizzes, to see whether we've done the readings. Fri-
day afternoon - monday evening, can do anytime between then
Final - info in the lectures that will be on the final that will not be available in the read-
Readings - schedule outlines which readings you need to do before which days, is a
syllabus, all the required readings are online, in addition to that there are 3 books on descartes, rousseau social contract
extends from 1492 columbus to 1799 the French Revolution after that becomes the
modern period
the enlightenment starts with the french revolution and the ideas that come after it
1492 was the rise of the west over the world or the scientific revolution - Copernicus,
he sets up the heliocentric theory which places the sun rather than the earth at the cen-
tre of the universe - the way we normally think is not necessarily true (important for the
revolutionary idea that spawned many other political revolutions and they have their ba-
sis in Machiavellian theory)
Machiavelli a place that is set in the new world, egalitarian social equality and abun-
dance and absence of suffering, these ideas were the basis for all of the ideas of mod-
ern period and 17th century philosophy
undeveloped theories of More, stress the protestant reformation and so on and the
ideas that came from the political thought of the 16th century are intimately connected
with the ideas that we will read about
discovery of the new world lead to an abundance of wealth in the new world that al-
lowed for protestant reformation and scholars to have knowledge
metaphysics is the study of existence or being, investigation into stuff and what it
means to be in the world as that stuff. Metaphysics is the study of matter and motion as
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