Philosophy 2730F/G Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Egotism, Fourth Estate, Propaganda Model

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24 Jan 2018
Jan 22: Propaganda Model
Chosk’s otio of propagada odel idea of consent
Cetral aspet is that Chosk ats to ake lai that edia is’t serig puli
interest rather advertising
Five Filters:
1. Property, Ownership, Profit
2. Advertising
- Related to first heavily
- When it comes to profit
- Mass media caters to advertisers; rather than what the people want
- Have case of property class of what gets disseminated; also now property
- More advertisers you can attract the more money you will make
3. Sourcing
- Do’t at to sped oe o ide oerage of reporters…too epesie; easier to
source news from major sources (often government)
o All in the name of reducing costs
- Source your news from a central agency
- Objectivity is compromised in name of profit
4. Flak
- Negative response; want to avoid; because it cost money; stands in way
5. Anti-Communism (war on terror)
Property Ownership vs Advertising
Property Ownership: Working class newspaper
Industrialization of the press: capital costs
- Concentrated ownership
- Board linkages
o Directors, bankers, investors
o Page 36
o Investment class become part of ownership in firm; have say
- Multinationals
- Product
o Consumer
o Advertiser
As soo as adertiser dries produt ou do’t get eutral produt
May say its providing subsidy to producer (why it can sell product
heap…hoeer oditio eoes adertiser ats to hae sa i hat
gets published)
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