Philosophy 2730F/G Lecture Notes - Lecture 14: Common Sense Media, Critical Role

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11 Apr 2018
March 14th
Mediapolis and Space
Want to sketch out some of the highlights
Being in the world
Labour; life bios?; private
o Idea you become a what
o Connects with privacy
o “oethig that rigs us loser to the ho
o Key idea if worldliness
o Idea that you work and presumably if you are good and you generate publication
it goes into journal and becomes worldly monument
o “o ork has a orldliess that laour does’t
Action; freedom (nationality: beginning (disclosure of self);, plurality (others equality
and distinction)
o Idea you become a who
o Has everything to do with the polis; And something only that exists if people are
iteratio…eause ot atually spae…spae that’s reated i the iteratio
So always momentarily thing (only there if interaction)
o Whe you hae apaity to iterat ith others you hae apaity of egiig
A who; Who you are
o Once aspect is freedom
o Idea action takes place in the polis
o Action is related to political
Reality is appearance for Arandt
Important poit aout iagiatio…
o Notion becomes important; key to notion of space
Arandt draws distinction between labour, work and action
o Arandt
Space of Appearance here I appear to others as others appear to e
Not physical
Rather organization of the people as it arises out of acting and speaking together
Power basis of any political community
Plurality of actions joined together in the spirit of consent
Power in idea of being empowered or above quote
Arandt thinks that because of conforming society, labouring society and mass
conformity removes possibility for thought
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