Philosophy 2730F/G Lecture Notes - Lecture 17: Propaganda Model

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11 Apr 2018
Philosophy Jan 17th
Role Morality = discrimination and communication of information to the public
o Main definition that defines what the role of the media is
o Sets own internal roles and code of conduct
Code of ethics = SPJ code of ethics
o Talking about internal rules justice policy
o SPJ = society of professional journalists
o Being in a role gives rise to certain rules and ethics
Universal public morality rights
o Rights is broken down into freedom and well being
Two rights that are discussed by Spence
E.g. Freedom: right to participate in government is a right we should all
hae…right hae huaity
o All of which all of us are committed to by being rational human beings by virtue
of the common humanity
o Talks about the idea that there is a common humanity
o And on rationality
o Idea uiersal rights that trup those oig fro ode of ethis…as its ot as
o This is common and applies to all
E.g. Mafia may have code of ethics, your role is to kill someone for a fee.
This is still morally wrong though because of universal public morality
trumps it (e.g from text)
Information is normative
o Contains both epistemology and ethics (2 ways in which its normative)
o Normativity refers to or or ought
o Distinction to be drawn between information and knowledge
Knowledge defined as true belief
But ot full defiitio…at to say justified true elief
o To eliminate prior; belief which happens to be true but just
a luky guess…at to justify hy your eliefs are true
Epistemology = truth, objectivity, evidence
o Which is branch of philosophy
o Idea of truth, evidence etc
Ethics = honesty, sincerity, truthfulness, trustworthiness
 “teps role, ode, uiersal,… *steps of what
Spence puts that the role of media (Role Morality) and suggest that gives rise to notion
of information is normative
- Say have two rights
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