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Philosophy 2801F/G Lecture Notes - Free Rider Problem, Compensatory Education, Hard Determinism

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PHIL 2801F/G

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everyone as they enter into adulthood would be given a portfolio in the nations indus-
tries, you would collect the dividends
Compensatory education: only and most important thing for equal opportunity
invested more into the low income families, given the disparities of wealth you might
have to invest 10x the wealth of black children than white in the US
Egalitarian Planner - redistribute wealth between types but not among types. Social
factors shouldn't affect your opportunities, divide people into types based on these so-
cial factors. Ambition sensitivity, we need to account for the harder you work, if you're at
the bottom or the very top, its your fault and we wont tax you
property owning democracy, seeks underlying equality in the distribution of wealth,
particularly disparities in income. overvalue mental work and undervalue physical work,
this shouldn't necessarily be the case
bad ethos of blaming lazy people for free rider problem when they don't want to bring
down the welfare state
hold people responsible for their choices, take a more political approach focus on
ethos instead of redistributing money
view associated with fiscally conservatism
Metaphysical Libertarianism - hard determinism theres not such thing as moral re-
sponsibilities. - libertarianism makes people fully responsible for what they do in the de-
terministic world. Believe
Political Libertarianism - emphasize the importance of liberty over other values and
opposed to restraint by the state. see government restrains as a temporary measure for
long term liberty
Left/ Social Libertarianism - concerned with diminishing inequalities in a similar fash-
ion that liberal egalitarians are. they're emphasis being put on individuals free will to
have liberty. want change but the state shouldn't be the mechanism for this. voluntary
decision making over state coercion
Right Wing Libertarianism, very unrestrained market. Justify capitalism than others do.
Inherently objectionable to interfere in the market, and that is why capitalism is the best
choice. Freely exchanging property is the right choice. Have no problem with charity, be-
cause it is voluntary. THe only taxation that is good is that which taxes people for the
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