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PHIL 3020F/G
Jeffrey Temple

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Temple Sept 28th
Book review:
What does the book do?
What is the reason for writing the book?
Does it answer any questions?
Rip the heart out of the book and eat it.
What is the point.
Three things :Who wrote it?
What is it trying to do?
How does it achieve it? How are they trying to do it. Sources? Arguments?
Did it do what it set out to do?
Last time: vision of medieval church. Institutional crisis. Church was very wealthy. Land, armies, etc.
This made the church a target. The monarchs needed access to the church's power and wealth.
Wide spread belief that the church had lost its spiritual way in the lay people. During the 14th century
pope moved to Avignon from rome. Great schism. (multiple popes). This was brought to an end by the
council of Constance. Council argued that they were more powerful then papal will. They could review
and cancel previous papal decrees and they could elect new popes. Authority stemmed immediately from
christ. In all things pertaining to faith even the popes had to listen to the council. Popes would work very
hard to fight this council. 1545 onwards there is no serious challenge to papal authority.
Following the council of Constance we see the unity of the church destroyed. More national churches
working independently with the princes.
Church also had a spiritual crisis. (after all this drama) Impact of the black death there was a profound
frustration with the church for not warning people of this coming.
Universities emerge: results in literate and educated people grow. These literate lay people are not
necessarily hostile but they are independent. They can think for themselves. They can read for
themselves. When they have theological questions they can find the answers themselves. The church had
always been the middleman between god and man. The go between.
Literate people are able to interact with god outside of the church.
This is a society that is increasingly expressive. And irritated with the church. And Independent.
People express their discontent. Some of these expressions the church can handle. Some however they
can not. The church will view these as heretical.
Repute edifice of medieval church.
Some people want to rebuild the church.
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