Singers One World

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Singers One World Chapter One January 30, 2012
There’s been a social transformation in human society in recent decades
There is in an important sense one world, in that thinking about matters of public policy
and social justice and obligation in terms of the nation state and citizenship now
becomes one of the whole world
Political issues of our time is not framed in terms of relationships but in terms of global
This changes our obligations to other people and to governments
Shape practices in terms of the importance of human welfare to more than just the
nation state
Terrorist attacks; cross border phenomena affects people all over the world because
they are potentially subject to other natural disasters and impact of severe weather
Peoples conduct affect people in faraway places much more starkly and directly than
would’ve been the case in the past
Not limited to terrorism and climate change, series of transformations that have created
the phenomena of one world
Genocide isn’t new, but the paradigm that it is not a global legal transnational issue is
very modern
Spread of disease and migration of people qualitative transformation from the
relationship people have with each other to the relationship an individual now has with
the government of another country which has never happened before
Primary issue is the significance on the strain it puts on global society
Impartiality between governments to the citizens of their nations
No particular importance paid to national boundaries, governments should be impartial
towards not only the citizens of their nation but also to the citizens of other nations
Political project that is welfare maximizing, wants to raise the level of welfare globally
Introducing something new to utilitarianism: underscore the idea of global society as
different from international society
Internationalism is different to him than globalism and or globalization
Post national globalism recognized as a reality and to embrace this as a normative
ideal to thinking of the ethical issues
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