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Wants to build social movements, politics does not always require an electoral strategy
but more grassroots operations
Problems of global contemporary capitalism are not rooted in public policy, but are built
in the weakness of the workforce need to provide resistance to corporations
Ultimately everything is rooted in the likely solutions to the agents of change
Whether you should think about the problems caused by neoliberalism as a policy
framework or should we think about capitalism as the fundamental problem callinicos
thinks this is the problem
Thinks that the basic features of capitalism relation of exploitation and fuelled by
competitive accumulation is a mistake if you try and do this through harnessing these
things through public policy
Presupposing that his analysis is the right one, in a more movement kind of way this is
called global justice
People who have serious criticisms against globalization from the status quo of
contemporary capitalism
Oppose capitalism in the sense that it exploits individuals
If a person is against the symptoms then by extension they are against the cause
His views can be fairly sympathetic but he can be callous in his opposition and critiques
of capitalism
Currents of global capitalism but that does not mean they are right
It is high profile and visible today, one thinks as critiques of capitalism as being on the
left, but there are exceptions, sometimes there are some on the right
Right wing anti-capitalism takes a nationalist, anti foreigner view on capitalism
A lot of the revolutionary anti capitalist discourse is often on the European Union
Right Wing Populism: language against socialism and attacking financial elites, national
socialism, use anti-elitist sentiment. Has a very different idea of who the elites are in
relation to the left Wing socialists
Populism is a type of anti-elitist rebel rousing movement
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