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Class conflicts to one relatively small but enormously powerful class of capitalists vs. A
large very deprived class of the poor
The commoditisation of everything this is how globalization should be interpreted not
in terms of the nation-state or of national borders
All valuable things, human welfare, human rights, environmental sustainability, all of
these things are subordinate to the demands of capitalist expansion
The alternative is a complete socialist and utilitarian world order
Instead of capital being in the states of investors, the profit is in the hands of state
He has a Marxist perspective, strategy and solution to the problem of globalization
The simplest characteristic of the capitalist system is that the poor represent the mass
majority of mankind
There’s too much of a gap between profit and production
System of exploitation: by giving slaves a little bit you can get way more productivity out
of them you’re producing more than you’re getting
You expect more from people who hold the ability to produce more
Context from which the movement occurred, period of 10 years called capitalist
9/11 shocked capitalism as we knew it because war is expensive
And the financial crisis of 2008/09 severely disrupted capitalism as it was
Part of the Washington consensus is the larger consensus where the left and the right
merged politically and ideologically
Contributed to the rise against neo-liberalism
1. Adoption of NAFTA in 1994, met with resistance with 2 political currents in the US
2. Zapatista Rebellion in southern Mexico
3. The rise of global governance institutions in additions with GCS and NGOs
4. Asian financial crisis: worlds first strike against globalization starting to emerge a
large scale attack against globalization
If we have all these problems and you’re opposed to them, oppose the thing that is the
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