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The nature of globalization is the idea of a one world whereas national boundaries have
become less significant because the actions in one part of the world have a greater
impact on people on the other side of the world, as it never has before
Its challenging because humans have a habit of attaching greater moral weight to
actions that are enacted upon people whom are closer to them than to others whom we
think are strangers
Utilitarian’s are welfarist impartialism the good is seen in terms of welfare and the
impartial is that there is no preference to who that welfare is given to
Singer makes clear that when you have people whose welfare levels that are really low
and some really high, impartiality requires that we give special weight to lifting those
from the bottom
The commitment to impartiality and welfare maximization sees that there is a big
problem with this and that there are some people whose welfare is waaay too low
they’re vulnerability is what makes these circumstances so special
The problem is, that people and government with the most money and power are the
ones that are more affluent and who stand to lose a lot if we tamper with the features
of global economy that causes others to be so vulnerable to the elements
This creates a problem because people often exhibit preferential treatment towards
those closer to them in their exercises of moral expediency they want to maximize
their own benefits more than to maximize that of some stranger
Singer sees it as important implications towards our conceptions of moral justice
Singer suggests that this is a common view and embraces this notion that the
constitution feature of morality is equal concern for everyone (otherwise known as
Until you are impartial you are not doing moral thinking, you are deceiving yourself. It
doesn’t become morality until you set aside the bias for your own interests and take the
interests of everyone else into consideration
People are trying to maximize their own advantages this is not moral thinking it is
pragmatic thinking
Kant: maxims should be universalized rules that you live by should be the rules that
everyone lives by, you cannot make special considerations for yourself or for others you
are more fond of
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