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Western University
Philosophy 1022E
Cathy Thorpe

Faculty/staff exhibition in the ArtLab: SAMPLE th September 12 , 2013 If a gallery exhibition could be categorized into technique, the Sample Exhibition at the ArtLab would be collage. The artworks within do not intentionally connect or relate to each other. There is no consistent genre, medium, or subject matter. This mismatch grouping of artworks in the same room makes for a unique viewing experience as the relationship between artworks can affect the way in which we are able to perceive certain pieces. Upon entering the gallery, I was immediately aware of the quieted murmurs coming from both “The Critics Speak” by Wyn Geleynse and Retelling by June Pak. The circular groupings of artwork in the exhibit caused me to instinctively begin viewing at the perimeter (beginning left of the entrance) and work my way around, finishing with the works in the middle. The loudest audio projected from The Critics Speak which is the second display from my starting point. This piece became very influential to the way in which I viewed the entire exhibit and I found myself very distracted by the muffled speech coming from this work and it was beyond my control that it should dictate my initial reaction to the works surrounding it. Some of the works such as Ron Benner’s Cuitlacoche: Your Disease our delicacy became difficult to concentrate on and analyze as the jumbled speech confused and distracted my mind. However, my interpretation of certain pieces was altered
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