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The Moral Argument

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Western University
Philosophy 1022E
John Thorp

The Moral Argument 1. There are absolute moral truths 2. The only possible grounding of absolute moral truths is their conformity to the will of God 3. Therefore, God esists • An example of a moraltruth is that it is trwong to chear • To say that this is an absolute moralturth is to ay that cheating is just plain wrong • Not wrong because it will make society less stable, or wrong because it will give you… How can anything be just plain wrong? • The only possible answer appears to be that is it is contarty to the will of God • Many frequently thought homosexuality was just plainb wrong • Can it be justified? o Such acts do not harm those involved o Do not harm anyone else o No evidence that they weaken the social fabric o Not immoral  Many believe it violates the will of god Critique of Moral argument • Things that seem to be “just plain wrong” at one time and place many not be so at another • May not be absolute at all • There are other ways to explain the putchase of various moral principles on us o Not killing o Not stealing o Not lying • It doesn’t seem that we need god to be the guarantor of moral principles • Rational self-intrat may take us a long way Problem of evil 1. God is omnipotent 2. God is benevolent 3. There is evil in the world • Is is god willing to prevent evil but not able to do so? Then is is not omnipotent • Is he able to prevent evil but not willing to? Then he is benevolent • Since evil exists, God does not Argument Premises 1. By definition, god is a benevolent and imnipotent creator 2. Is a benevolent, and omnipotent creator exsits, the he would not allowed the presence of evil in the word
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