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Western University
Philosophy 1100E
Aaron Massecar

Should Euthyphro prosecute his father? Yes 1. His father was responsible, through negligence, for the murder of another man. 2. Obligated to, because he is the only one who can prosecute his father. 3. It would be hypocritical not to, considering the circumstances. 4. If he didn’t, he would be holding his father above the law. 5. It is the just thing to do for the slave’s sake. 6. Because it is pious No 1. His father did not intentionally kill the labourer; it just took too long for the judges to arrive and tell him what to do with the labourer. 2. His father is not a bad man who will continue to murder people; again we must look at the situation. 3. The labourer was drunk at the time of the murder; one could argue that it was unintentional or that he would not do the same thing in a sober state. 4. Prevention of further murders 5. That man may have been put to death anyway. 6. Did what was considered right at the time. 7. His intentions were good, the result is irrelevant 8. Accidental killing 9. Could be killing his father 10. Labourer killed by cold and hunger, not the father’s blade 11. Based on ego and not justice Why did he write in a dialogue format?  to have a back and forth  allows you to make a claim, and then question that claim  forces you to look at the other person’s position  to start off with something and start to question what is beneath that  eg. belief is based on some principle  in order to question the principles that underlie your beliefs Socrates will never make his own claim. He is always responding to others’ beliefs. Plato’s Cave 
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