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Duty to One's Parents

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Philosophy 1305F/G
Adam Yates

Week 7: Duty to One’s Parents Jane English – “What Do Grown Children Owe Their Parents?” - It is inappropriate to view obligations to one’s parents as a repaying a debt Favours - - - Non-Favours - an act is obligatory because on has asked - act is seen simply as a friendly gesture Duties of friendship - Friendship is characterized by mutuality, not reciprocity - Motivated by love or mutual affection, not the prospects of repayment - There should be no expectations of repayment, o Taking one out to dinner is not expected to repay o 3 dinners vs 1 dinner inappropriate to say one ‘owes’ more End of Friendship - If a friendship ends, then a duty ends - However, if a friend is in need one ought to help if they have the ability and resources. The obligation remains the same if it were any other person in need Parents and Grown Children - The notion of sacrifice is irrelevant in determining what – if any – obligations children have to their parents - Sacrifices do not provide the source of obligations to friends or parents 3 Cases Nicholas Dixon – “The Friendship Model of Filial Obligation” Dixon agrees with English Filial obligations are not a repayment for parental sacrifices: filial obligations arise from the friendship that these sacrifices may have played a role in creating Duties of friendship can outlive the friendship: residual duties Only
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