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Lecture 4

Philosophy 1305F/G - Lecture 4.docx

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Philosophy 1305F/G
Michael Fox

Philo1305January 30 2012 Lecture 4 Revisiting St Thomas Aquinas Second Argument A posterioriCosmologicalEither the chain that produced Frank was o infinite or finiteMajor Premise o NOT infiniteMinor Premise o Therefore finiteConclusionIf so therefore there is a first cause which is an uncaused cause which is what we mean by GodThe exhaustive conclusion is that it cannot be infinite and finitethis is impossible The Argument Against InfinityIf the beginning of everything is infinite then the future too must be infiniteIf this is true then Frank could never come to existIf all the causes that preceded Frank Frank could never exist because there is no beginning middle or endWould there be anything before Frank to cause him if the line of regression that caused Frank is infinite With infinity we dont have a first without a first we dont havea middle and without a middle there is no presentendThe present is currently the end because it is what we experience now it is the end of the line of progression that has led to FrankThe question is not whether Frank can produce outcomes in the future the question is what produced FrankIf
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